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Cisco Gigabit Network Switch SF300 24


Cisco Catalyst Networking Switch


Cisco Switch


Device Type Networking Switch
Area Network Type LAN, MAN, WAN
Model Name/Number 9600 Series
Color Silver
Dimensions 35.43 x 44.2 x 40.9 cm
Brand Cisco
Storage Temperature -40 to 75 Deg C
Operating Temperature -5 to 45 Deg C
Weight 31.31 kg
Input Voltage 90V to 264V, 47 to 63 Hz AC
Rack Units 8
Relative Humidity 10% to 95%, noncondensing
Altitude -60 to 3000 m (-197 to 9843 feet)
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Cisco Catalyst 9600 Series switches are purpose-built for resiliency at scale. They provide comprehensive security and can help your organization grow at low total operational cost. Built on the foundation of Catalyst 9000, the Catalyst 9600 Series offers scale and high levels of security when “always on” is your goal.

Features and benefits

  • Cisco Catalyst and Cisco Nexus campus core and distribution LAN switches provide a broad range of deployment options in features, scale, port speeds, and interface types. Our fixed and modular core and distribution LAN switches have been designed to extend intent-based networking from the edge to the core and beyond. In a world that is always changing, you need a network that constantly learns, constantly adapts, and constantly protects.

Enhance security

  • Get integrated network security for before, during, and after an attack.

Improve reliability

  • Easily manage wired and wireless networks, strengthen security, and simplify your campus LAN.

Scale with efficiency

  • Pave your way to an automated, digital-ready network with access switches.

Cisco Catalyst 9600 Series Chassis

  • Hardware ready to support up to 25.6 Tbps in wired switching capacity, with up to 6.4 Tbps bandwidth per slot.
  • Up to 9.6 Tbps in wired switching capacity, with 3 Bpps of forwarding performance with the Cisco Catalyst 9600 Series Supervisor Engine 1.
  • Up to 48 nonblocking 100 Gigabit Ethernet QSPF28 ports with the Cisco Catalyst 9600 Series Supervisor Engine 1.
  • Up to 96 nonblocking 40 Gigabit Ethernet QSFP+ ports with the Cisco Catalyst 9600 Series Supervisor Engine 1.
  • Up to 192 nonblocking 25 Gigabit/10 Gigabit Ethernet SFP28/SFP+ ports with the Cisco Catalyst 9600 Series Supervisor Engine 1.
  • Platinum-rated AC and DC power supplies.

Cisco Catalyst 9600 Series Supervisor Engine 1 and Line Cards

  • The UADP* 3.0 Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) is future-ready for next-generation technologies, with a programmable pipeline, microengine capabilities, and template-based configurable allocation of Layer 2, Layer 3, forwarding, ACL, and Quality-of-Service (QoS) entries.
  • It is the first ASIC to support double-width HW tables. This provides equivalent table size and processing performance for IPv4 and IPv6.
  • The Supervisor Engine 1, with a 2.0-GHz IntelĀ® x86 CPU with 8 cores, provides up to 960 GB of SATA SSD local storage for container-based application hosting.
  • Up to 108 MB of buffer (36 MB of unified buffer per ASIC).
  • Line-rate, hardware-based Flexible NetFlow (FNF) delivers flow collection for up to 294,000 flows.
  • IPv6 support in hardware provides wire-rate forwarding for IPv6 networks.
  • Dual-stack support for IPv4 and IPv6 and dynamic hardware forwarding table allocations enable easy IPv4-to-IPv6 migration.
  • Flexible routing (IPv4, IPv6, and multicast) tables, Layer 2 tables, ACL tables, and QoS tables.

Additional information

Weight 31.31 kg


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